Patrick Jackson, Founder and Director of Picking

  • Bestselling author of educational materials including Everybody Up and Shine On published by Oxford University Press

  • Creator of environmental storybooks on topics such as over-consumption, litter, over-fishing, and sustainability

  • Beach-clean organiser

  • Campaigner for clean water at Doldrum Bay in Howth, Dublin

  • International speaker and teacher trainer

Mindy O'Brien, VOICE IRELAND (Our Very First and Best Pals)

  • VOICE are Picker Pals partner in Ireland. They were the first to take us under their wing and have managed the delivery of Picker Pals to over 100 schools all over the country. 

  • VOICE does extensive work within communities to bring about behavioural change that affects the quality of our natural environment. Click on the logo below to see their great work across a wide range of environmental issues.

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Claire Johns & Lynn Harley, Burrow National School

  • Claire is the teacher of the Burrow National School 1st Class. They were the very first class in the world to do the Picker Pals during the autumn and spring of 2018-19

  • Lynn is the principal at the Burrow National School. She liked Picker Pals so much, she decided to have a Picker Pack in every single classroom of the school. That's how picker popular the programme was with the kids.