Picker Pals TV: a fun new channel for children's eco-learning

As Picker Pals grows and grows (we’re now in 140 classrooms around the country), we wanted to reach out to all those busy, helpful children and have some fun, celebrating their hard work and letting them know how they are all part of a bigger movement of people making the world a better place

So….we put our heads together and came up with an idea. Our very own brand new television channel. It’s called Picker Pals TV and, on the 24th of March we launched it nationwide. Over 1200 children enjoyed a show beamed directly to their classrooms thanks to Zoom.

The show, which lasted 25 minutes, had something for everyone. We started with Picker Pals News from around the country. Unfortunately some jokes got mixed into the news. “There has been a cheese truck accident in France. The road was littered with the brie (debris...get it? okay not so funny!). After the news, our Picker Pals TV anchor, Angela introduced us to some environmental findings via her friend and Picker Pal, Tatz the Turtle. These facts taught children about the dangers of litter in the environment.

Next up was Pat’s Invisible Hat quiz. These were 7 environmental questions such as “What colour bin does old spaghetti go in?” (brown), “How much is an on-the-spot fine for littering? (€150) and “What do lazy pet owners leave lying around?” (Hint: not dinosaur poo!).

It was then time (drumroll!) for our very special guest, Mr Eamonn High, (he’s actually a puppet but please don’t tell him that) from the wonderful studio of Tommy Baker of Your Man’s Puppets. Eamonn was billed as an expert on sweet wrappers but there was some confusion because he thought he was there as a street rapper and proceeded to do some rapping for the children.

The presenters of the show managed to get him on track though - but then something terrible happened. Eamonn threw some litter on the ground. In front of all those children! Everyone was completely shocked.

Angela and Patrick were able to explain to Eamonn how this really wasn’t a good idea and in the end, he came around to understand why littering was such a bad thing and even agreed that he too would become a Picker Pal and join our mission to clean up the world. He will be getting his own hi-viz vest, gloves and litters-picker soon.

Finally, it was time to announce that we would be running a special Poem and Picture competition. We will be sending out more details shortly but we’re happy to announce here that the prize for the winning school will be an individual show by Tommy featuring some of his amazing puppets. We would imagine that Eamonn High will make another appearance.

Next month’s Picker Pals TV will feature another special guest. Eliya Lavine is an American environmental educator. She will be telling us all about how to grow seeds. All the schools will be sent packets of peas to try and grow at home, or in their classrooms. We’re calling it The Picker Pals “Give Peas a Chance” Project and the winner will get the Nobel Peas Prize. Exciting times!


We got some grrrrreat feedback from teachers around the country. That makes us very happy and grateful to be a part of building such a wonderful community.

“My class took part in your Zoom TV show yesterday. Firstly, I want to say thank you! The children really enjoyed it and we can't wait for the next one.”

The children are loving the Picker Pals Programme and can't wait to see who has been chosen each week to take the pack home.

“Thank you so much for zooming today. We really loved it. We are so excited to start the programme.”

“Thank you for the brilliant TV show this morning, we really enjoyed it.”

“Thanks so much. The children absolutely loved Picker Pals TV.”

“We really enjoyed the zoom call today. The girls loved the jokes and all the information they learned about litter. Thank you!”

The next Picker Pals broadcast will be on the morning of April 22nd. We look forward to seeing all participating Picker Pals schools there.

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